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We have now added a new page to our website dedicated to Radio Scout.

Radio Scout is one of the many radio stations in Niger which broadcasts programmes by Studio Kalangou. Radio Scout was founded in 2015 and serves the community by broadcasting programmes about peace, the environment, education, social cohesion, and health. Radio Scout also raises awareness of issues such as sexual health, family planning, and the education of young girls.

Radio Scout is based in Koira Tegui. Koira Tegui is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Niamey. There are two state primary schools which comprise twenty five classrooms. Ten of these classrooms are in straw huts which are at risk of fire. The neighbourhood is home to many underprivileged and disabled people. Koira Tegui also has a high rate of crime which is largely due to extreme poverty.

In the video below, the director of Radio Scout, Ms. Zouera Nounou Hamidou, speaks about the partnership between Radio Scout and Studio Kalangou. She discusses how Studio Kalangou programmes inform and inspire their female listeners.

To find out more about Radio Scout click here to read an article by Fondation Hirondelle who support Studio Kalangou. You can also read Dr Emma Heywood’s article in The Conversation which was written during her visit to Radio Scout.

                                                                                        Photos taken by Dr. Emma Heywood

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